Banor, focus on Swiss market and acquisitions


The company reached over 4 billion of assets and might consider with interest opportunities to grow by acquisitions. Meanwhile, Banor requested the authorization to operate as asset manager in Switzerland

With 15 years of history, Banor reached over 4 billion of eur of assets and now might consider with interest opportunities to grow by acquisitions. Meanwhile, a few months ago, the company, requested the authorization to operate as asset manager in Switzerland, where it already has an administrative office.

The company already has headquarters in London and Luxembourg through its sister companies Banor Capital and Banor Sicav, but it looks now forward to settle in Switzerland. In this market, the intention of Banor is to incorporate into its platform asset managers and trust companies forced to give up the independence because of the sharp increase in regulatory and compliance costs. On the other hand, as customers, the company aims more to the Russian and Arabs clients than to the Italians.
Lmf International asked Massimiliano Cagliero, Chief Executive Officer of the company, to explain the reasons of the development process.

Cagliero, what kind of market is Switzerland and what are your goals in this market? ??The Swiss market is a very deep and sophisticated market. Clients in Switzerland have changed dramatically in their nature over the years, and are now very educated and demanding clients. Banor believes it has the right set of skills and organization to fulfill these clients’ needs, and that it will be able to present its services in a very distinctive manner in the highly competitive Swiss market.

What selling proposition you’ll offer to Swiss investors and what are the products on which you bet?
Banor can offer both its very high level private banking services – where a superior proven performance over the years has always come together a very personalized level of service – and its products – Banor Sicav. The Banor Sicav are Luxembourg Sicav, managed by the London office, Banor Capital. The performances of the Banor Sicav are at the top of European rankings, for their respective asset classes.

Banor Sim was born in 2000, now we are in 2015, could you make a balance of the first 15 years of the company’s life?
The balance is very positive, and impressive. Banor Sim assets grew significantly over the years, and have now reached a level above eur 4 billion. The reputation of the company in the Italian market, the quality of the management and the investment team – together with its very low turnover – put Banor Sim among the best known and respected investment management companies in Italy.

Looking to the future, how do you see the group for the coming 15 years?
Banor Sim investment philosophy has not changed since its beginning, and it is not expected to change in the future. The company will continue to grow organically, thanks to the strong performances and the quality of its management team. The Banor Group might consider with interest opportunities to grow by acquisitions, if such opportunities might arise in the future.

What is your investment approach and what are the main differences with your competitors?
Banor Sim follows a very disciplined “Value” investment approach, based on strict analysis and deep understanding of the companies it invests in. Banor investment team believe that such approach is the only reliable way to create long terms sustainable returns, and the Banor performances over the years have proven. ?Such disciplined investment approach goes hand in hand with a unique set of international relationships that the Banor investment managers can enjoy. Being able to talk every day and to meet regularly the largest and most important investment managers in the world allow Banor investment professionals to have a broader and more complete view of the dynamics and the evolution of the financial markets. ?Finally, Banor is one of the few investment managers in Europe whose investment process and performances are GIPPS (“Global Investment Performance Standards”) compliant and audited.