AXA Partners launches the innovative application PLEEZ to enhance its partners’ customer experience


During the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, the largest trade show devoted to high-tech innovations in the word, AXA Partners, AXA’s global team dedicated to building tailored and innovative solutions for its partners, has introduced PLEEZ, a unique personal assistant solution that combines AI and human intervention.

Developed in collaboration with the French start-up Wiidii, the PLEEZ app provides access to multiple services through simple voice command or a chat function. Thanks to this innovative solution, AXA Partners hopes to enhance its partners’ customer experience.

With PLEEZ, AXA Partners offers professionals an innovative digital solution to make their customers’ lives easier. Whether it’s to get a restaurant recommendation, purchase a plane ticket or make or cancel a hotel booking, PLEEZ is the only mobile application that can answer any type of request, anywhere in the world. The app’s AI continuously learns about the user’s preferences and tastes to suggest the best and most appropriate services while dedicated experts take over when the nature of the request requires their intervention.

The PLEEZ mobile application is now available in Europe on IOS and Android, and there are plans to roll it out worldwide on any connected device in the near future.

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