Italian football’s first mini-bond reaches €1.5 million target


Frosinone has become the first club in Italian history to complete a successful alternative finance project by raising €1.5m from its own community.

The money raised by the campaign will go towards creating the Frosinone village, turning the Stadio Benito Stirpe into a state-of-the-art hub for the entire Frosinone community all year round. The upgrade will include restaurants and bars to improve the matchday experience and shops, fitness and healthcare facilities for the use of the local community.

Frosinone is a club rooted in innovation and the passion of its fans. This, allied with the expertise of sports investment platform Tifosy, to structure and issue the right financial instrument, made the project a success, with 371 investors investing in the bond.

Italian football has often been plagued by financial difficulties, and the success of the Frosinone Bond represents a seismic moment, demonstrating that by engaging with their fans, clubs can pursue a new and better way to finance infrastructure projects.

In exchange for investment in the Frosinone Bond, bondholders will receive 8% interest per annum – made up of 5% cash and 3% club credit to spend on season tickets, regular tickets and merchandise each year for the duration of the bond, at the end of which they will be repaid their initial investment.

Investors were able to commit any amount over a minimum investment of €500 and in €500 increments to the raise, via In addition to their financial return, they will receive unique privileges, including having their name engraved on the ‘Wall of Fame’ at Stadio Benito Stirpe and an invitation to the team Christmas dinner.

The successful Frosinone campaign follows the launch of the first mini-bond in English football, with Tifosy last year helping League Two Club Stevenage FC raise £600,000 for a new all-seater stand.

Tifosy Founder & CEO Fausto Zanetton said:

“Frosinone has shown other clubs a model that will completely transform the football landscape.

Clubs and fans working together for a common goal can make a real difference to the sport we love. Clubs need to make their fans partners, not customers.

I am proud to be involved in this historic initiative, launching the first mini bond in Italian football to help Frosinone Calcio create a home for the community, which is an investment in their future. It is testament to the commitment and passion of the fans and the togetherness of the Frosinone community that this raise has been so resoundingly successful.”

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