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Norm Glasses Showcased in CES 2019

Stylish, lightweight smart sunglasses for everyday wear

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Human Capable Inc. introduced Norm Glasses at CES 2019. Norm glasses look barely distinguishable from regular sunglasses, yet they have a “mini computer” embedded inside the frame, including CPU, memory, battery, speakers, microphones, camera, and a display system that can project digital information into the user’s field of view. Visitors to the booth were amazed by its form factor with the consideration of its capability; some saying, “I knew that someday, sooner or later, smart glasses would look like normal glasses. You guys made it a reality today.”; or, “Wow, it is magic.”

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Norm Glasses from Human Capable Inc (Photo: Business Wire)

Norm Glasses from Human Capable Inc (Photo: Business Wire)

Based on design, functionality, consumer appeal, engineering, etc., Norm Glasses was named as a CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree. It is a great honor for a start-up company like Human Capable Inc. to win this award.

Using Norm Glasses, the user can see instructions while keeping hands busy on work, see and respond to text messages, answer or make phone calls, navigate while keeping eyes on the street, check stock prices, call an Uber, etc. For the editions equipped with a camera, it can also scan barcodes, take pictures, or record videos. It supports live streaming/broadcast, and remote assistance.

Norm Glasses have voice recognition that doesn’t depend on an internet connection, and the user can interact with Norm using voice. In addition, a finger-movement based interaction solution is in the pipeline.

Smart glasses are not new, but people have been waiting for products that look normal, lightweight, and affordable. It’s believed that someday “Smart glasses will the Norm”; we at Human Capable Inc. like to contribute our part to make it a reality quicker.

About Human Capable Inc.

Human Capable Inc. focuses on products that can enhance human capabilities. We have been working on the Norm Glasses for over 3 years, hoping to enable people to interact with the digital world in a hands-free and heads-up manner, naturally and reliably.

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Norm Glasses from Human Capable Inc (Photo: Business Wire)

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