Usa farewell to Paris does not scare


Trump has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement. Appeals from foreign leaders, CEO’s, including Exxon’s, Apple, Alphabet and Tesla, and even his own children failed to convince him. America is the second largest emitter of CO2 globally and there have been fears that should the US withdraw, other countries would… Read More »

London property: Getting on the ladder


Over several decades, London has established itself firmly as a global city to rival any other. Reflecting this, London property has also become one of the go to places for investors from across the world. 2016 alone saw £4.6 billion worth of investment from Asia into the London property market… Read More »

Outnumbered but not outpaced: the bold change we need for female fund manager talent to break through


The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is “Be bold for change.” With women still only representing 7% of fund managers worldwide, it’s time asset management took a bold step towards transforming its own outlook. In In recent years, the financial services sector has dramatically shifted its approach to… Read More »

Will Sukuk Issuance Volumes Beat The Forecasts This Year?


Last year, global sukuk issuance fell short of market expectations, although it was higher than in 2015. When oil prices started falling in 2014, several market observers predicted an issuance boom from 2015, arguing that governments in oil-exporting countries would tap the sukuk market to maintain their spending levels. However,… Read More »

W-Visions: the pink side of Economy


Giuseppina Serio, Personal Advisor of Widiba, to tell us her vision on the consultative approach from woman to woman. Enjoy! The international economic environment in the last five years is undergoing an accelerated process of transformation, for which the entire production and financial-economic system is looking for new balances. Central… Read More »

Green finance in action


The proceeds of HSBC’s first-ever green bond have been allocated to support renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste management projects in 10 countries.Green projects in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Turkey and the UK will benefit. The bond, which was issued by HSBC France… Read More »

Wind & solar: An investable future

Barclays Equity Research -

Solar and wind energy have become mainstream energy sources. They require much less direct government support, but still benefit from the highly ambitious COP-21 climate goals the world has set. Economics continue to improve drastically and wind and solar are now the cheapest energy source in most emerging markets. Being… Read More »