W-Visions: the pink side of Economy


Giuseppina Serio, Personal Advisor of Widiba, to tell us her vision on the consultative approach from woman to woman. Enjoy!

The international economic environment in the last five years is undergoing an accelerated process of transformation, for which the entire production and financial-economic system is looking for new balances.

Central banks (especially the G20’s ones) have recognized this and have finally agreed concerted solutions to avoid new depressive events, not only further impoverished the weaker sections of the globe, while still generating high volatility on markets which obviously confuses business owners and savers.
As for our Europe, the most important news about the bank’s system and network, as it is known, are BAIL-IN and QE (Quantitative Easing: with which Draghi’s ECB stimulates the falling of interest rates and economic growth), which it is true that they are a bit disorienting savers, but offer consultants the great opportunity to stand out, by explaining with simple terms what the thing is all about, analyzing carefully customer needs and sharing appropriate solutions to their profile and objectives.

The consultative approach from woman to woman, it sounds strange, it is much simpler. Women are much more sensitive and psychologically more intuitive, perhaps because they are trained to interpret the needs of a newborn who does not speak.

Women are naturally oriented to interpersonal relationships and often share the management of an important part of the family budget. This arrangement often allows us communicate our proposals in a more understandable way to them.

In women, also, as is known, it is more accentuated the “sense of security”, for which, at this stage in which the risk aversion has grown significantly, they are more “credited” to provide with cautious investment solutions that, more and more frequently, they require.

Considering the markets are offering to savers unusual phenomena, such as the negative bond yields and high volatility, a more pronounced diversification has become the ABC to run no risks whatsoever.

Make up the customer’s mind to no longer take investment on concentrated solutions, it seems strange, but it is the only still difficult habit to settle. There is still a lazy legacy to focus on one or two investments (mainly state title and / or bank bond).