Further Expansion of SOLATENOL™ Fungicide in Europe

Syngenta announced today that the registration of its SDHI fungicide SOLATENOL™ has been further extended in Europe following approval by the German authorities. This most recent registration will allow Syngenta to introduce the products ELATUS™ Era and ELATUS™ Plus to the cereals market in Germany. ELATUS™ Plus is a solo formulation of the active ingredient SOLATENOLTM sold in co-packs with a range of other products. ELATUS™ Era is a combination of the two active ingredients SOLATENOLTM and prothioconazole.

The launch of SOLATENOL™ in Germany for the 2017 season gives growers in another major cereals market access to this leading new technology. SOLATENOL™ is already registered in France, Croatia, UK, Ireland, Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Austria.

SOLATENOL™ is a carboxamide fungicide offering an unrivaled performance against Septoria and rusts – two important diseases which can significantly impact cereals production. In trials, it has proven to be extremely consistent in providing excellent disease control on all important cereals varieties in a wide range of situations over several years. The product offers outstanding levels of leaf protection resulting in higher yield and return on investment for the farmer.

SOLATENOL™ is also available for use on soybean in Latin America and on a wide range of crops in the USA and Canada.

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