EFG Asset Management (EFGAM) launches New Capital US Future Leaders Fund following the formation of its Future Leaders Panel earlier this year


The US equity fund is designed to capture the rapid growth of emerging companies that are benefiting from the economic transformation brought about by disruptive business models in the US.

The Fund is a high conviction, long-only equity fund that will typically invest in 30 companies across the mid-cap space. The Fund will maintain a fundamental, active stock-picking style which focuses on visionary management, earnings momentum and strong balance sheets. Business sectors currently favoured by the Fund include Technology, Healthcare, Financials and Consumer Discretionary. It will be benchmarked against the Russell Mid-Cap Growth Index.

The Fund is managed by EFGAM’s US growth equity team, all of whom have worked together since 2003. Based in Portland, Oregon, they consist of senior portfolio managers, Joel Rubenstein, Tim Butler and Mike Clulow, and research analyst Chelsea Wiater.

Moz Afzal, Chief Investment Officer, EFGAM:
“Since we formed the panel in January, the members’ expertise has informed our investment research process and enhanced our ability to identify the key qualities behind visionary leaders and management teams. This we believe is a truly unique initiative as the panel’s input is directly linked to our investment process. The US Future Leaders Fund is the first of other regionally focused funds we expect to launch in the coming months.

Michael Clulow, senior portfolio manager, New Capital US Future Leaders Fund, EFGAM:
“There is no doubt we are in the middle of the fourth Industrial Revolution. The pace at which companies form and grow to become leaders in their field is astonishing, and in no small part due to the leadership driving them. The opportunities to find tomorrow’s leaders today is exciting, and one which we are excited to have put into practice with the launch of this Fund.”