REVO: “Business plan 2022-2025: towards the future !” Approved


Less than a year after the launch of the SPAC, REVO has announced its strategic targets for the period  2022-2025. The pillars identified at the launch of the project, which will represent the starting point for  the development planned in the coming years, are confirmed:

  • Determined top management with strong entrepreneurial spirit;
  • A unique, scalable, flexible, advanced technological infrastructure based on the OverX  proprietary system;
  • A data analytics structure to support the business development;
  • Further growth of the profitable business underwritten by Elba Assicurazioni S.p.A. (Elba  Assicurazioni or the “Company”);
  • The establishment of a team of underwriters with high technical skills and with great experience  for the development of the new specialty lines;
  • Launch and consolidation of parametric solutions.

The Chief Executive Officer, Alberto Minali, declared: “Through this 2022-2025 Business Plan, REVO  aims to become the leader in the Italian market of specialty lines and parametric solutions, developing  a complete range of products dedicated to SMEs. The realization of the business plan will allow to  adequately repay the trust that our shareholders have placed in the project and in the management”.

From a corporate point of view, REVO aims to complete in 2022 the merger by incorporation of REVO into Elba Assicurazioni and the consequent listing of the new entity on the Euronext STAR Milan market.