Bank Pâris Bertrand Sturdza SA, Bordier & Cie and REYL & Cie join forces to develop Hermance Capital Partners, an exclusive platform offering private market solutions


Bank Pâris Bertrand Sturdza SA, Bordier & Cie and REYL & Cie are delighted to announce the joint development of a diversified private market fund platform in the form of Hermance Capital Partners – an investment boutique focusing on private equity, private debt and private real estate.

This alliance between Bank Pâris Bertrand Sturdza SA, Bordier & Cie and REYL & Cie is underpinned by shared interests and spearheaded by a desire to develop exclusive, high-performing private investment solutions. These will be offered to clients through Hermance Capital Partners, which will act as an independent self-governing entity, equally owned between Bank Pâris Bertrand Sturdza SA, Bordier & Cie and REYL & Cie, alongside the management team.

Pierre Pâris is delighted to “associate our venture, which began in 2016, with such recognised references in private banking as Bordier & Cie and REYL & Cie, who in the future could be joined by other high-quality business partners in Switzerland and in Europe”.

According to François Reyl: “Besides the converging interests of constructing a sophisticated offering for both private and institutional clients, the project’s backers are driven by common values, enshrined in the words responsibility, professionalism, quality and innovation”.

Michel Juvet sees this alliance as the “realisation of our conviction at Bordier & Cie that non-listed investments can reduce correlations in clients’ portfolios as well as offering higher expected returns than listed assets in the years ahead”.

Uniquely positioned

Hermance Capital Partners has a unique strategic position as a pure player focusing on non-listed assets, investing on behalf of private banks, family offices and independent wealth managers.

Experienced and trustworthy team

Led by Jacques Chillemi, the team is composed of private equity, M&A and private banking specialists who have honed their expertise in private markets since the late 1980s. Collectively they have invested in over 150 funds, taken part in 40 co-investments and direct investment deals, and participated in over 20 secondary market transactions.

Comprehensive, flexible offering

Hermance Capital Partners already has an offering meeting the needs of existing and prospective clients seeking to invest in non-listed markets. It offers investments in three core segments: private equity, private real estate and private debt, available in primary or secondary market transactions, co-investments or direct investments. The modular fund-based approach enables flexibility within the process so that investors can build portfolios according to their own diversification restrictions.
Two strategies are currently operational as multi-manager funds, one investing in private real estate debt and the other in buy-outs of small and midsize US firms. Hermance Capital Partners’ team aims to launch a European class of the buy-out strategy in February 2018 as well as a direct investment vehicle. In total, no fewer than six strategies will in due course be deployed internationally, covering private equity, private real estate and private debt.
Jacques Chillemi expresses enthusiasm: “Our collaborative mindset is that we can do more together than by ourselves, and joining forces guarantees success by granting global access to high-value PE investments that would be inaccessible to small and midsize investors without this platform”.

Ambitious goals

Both realistic and ambitious, the new partners plan to harness the expertise of Hermance Capital Partners to become the private equity reference for private clients, family offices as well as selected Swiss and European institutional investors. They firmly believe that this structure has the capacity to manage several billion francs in assets over the medium term.

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