A drunk market?


JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon is delighted: the company that he heads has reported record earnings of $22bn for 2014 This figure is all the more spectacular in that the bank was obliged to pay various fines totalling $25bn over 2013 and 2014. Goldman Sachs is on a similar path… Read More »

Pressure to Perform


Global Research reveals investors are struggling to reconcile objectives with the pressures of the market State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) released global research today that highlights significant contradictions in investor behavior.The pressure to perform is resulting in distinct investor contradictions in three key areas: asset allocation, market expectations, and downside… Read More »

Avoiding the pitfalls of local emerging market debt investing


In a seemingly commoditised world, the potential pitfalls that are still to be found trading emerging market local debt may come as a surprise. Rules, taxes, regulations and market convention vary wildly from country to country Many of the difficulties posed when trading and accessing local markets stem from capital… Read More »

La Grecia? Che tragedia!

Christopher Dembik -

La “tragedia greca” potrebbe durare più a lungo di quanto previsto. La “tragedia greca” potrebbe durare più a lungo di quanto previsto. Dal momento che: un’eventuale soluzione sarà parziale, e quindi non risolutiva il prossimo 20 luglio sarà il grande D-day, dove “D” sta per “Danger” (pericolo ndr.) potranno essere… Read More »

UK General Election 2015: Uncertainty Persists


Polls show the Conservatives and Labour are still neck and neck. UK’s political stability remains uncertain  Labour and the Conservatives remain inseparable in the polls, with the two neck and neck on 34% of the vote (based on an average of top polls) as Britain’s election campaign approaches the final… Read More »

Re-Emerging Markets?


The combination of higher interest rates and mixed company earnings kept stocks under pressure, with a notable exception: emerging markets (EMs), which have been demonstrating relative strength of late  A Lackluster Week for Stocks—and BondsLast week was characterized by poor performance from both stocks and bonds. The latter saw a… Read More »

China equity markets at an exciting juncture


Further loosening of capital controls and opening up of the two markets’ access is just a matter of time It is hard not to notice the excitement the China equity markets have generated over the last few weeks, in terms of both returns and volume. The China A-share market, which… Read More »

Investor Confidence Falls in April by 2.3 Points to 114.3


State Street Global Exchange released the results of the State Street Investor Confidence Index® (ICI) for April 2015. The Global ICI decreased to 114.3, down 2.3 points from March’s revised reading of 116.6. Confidence among North American investors decreased with the North American ICI falling 6.9 points to 122.1, down… Read More »

As Milestones Are Crossed, Be Selective

Russ Koesterich * -

The rally in stocks that has pushed the Nasdaq Composite to new highs is seen by some as a sign of another tech bubble. In reality, however, valuations in the sector look more sober today than back in 2000 A Record-Setting Week for StocksStocks around the world rewrote the record… Read More »