La Française, focus on total return strategies


“This strategy may be suitable both for institutional and retail investors”, said Peri, who about 2016 answered:“2016 is a challenging year, it will be very difficult to identify market trends and investment opportunities in a negative rate environment” The divergence in monetary policy between Europe and the US, as well… Read More »

Chinese market woes trigger global sell-off in equities


Global equity markets have started 2016 on a bad note with broad indices down 4 to 8 percent. The local Chinese stock market slumped 15 percent so far this year, triggering two market closures within four days there. What are the factors behind the current market rout?At the heart of… Read More »

Fed Rate Rise Adds Further Turbulence To Global PE Markets


In previous years systematic market risks were restrained by central bank actions (e.g. loose monetary and fiscal policy), but current macro-economic turbulence means it is now critical to develop an optimal private equity strategy to protect against volatile markets The new CEPRES PE Market Outlook highlights localized investment opportunities in… Read More »

The Fed rate hike looms large for commodities

Martin Arnold -

Precious metal basket inflows hit 8-month high as FOMC meeting looms. Divergent oil flows favour Brent as pressure remains on crude prices after OPEC monthly report continues to show an oversupplied market. Inflows into Brent ETPs broadly offset outflows from WTI ETPs, although the outlook remains polarised. OPEC’s latest annual… Read More »

Abenomics 2.0: More than Meets the Eye


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe presented an update on his economic policy priorities for 2016 and beyond. The key takeaway brought no positive surprises that could force upward revisions to the 2016 growth outlook. However, the new details of Japan’s “Abenomics 2.0” policy discussion suggest to us that structural growth… Read More »

The Smart Beta Rally That Many Investors Missed in 2015


One of the big trends in the exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry has been this year’s flow of new money into developed world equity ETFs, both unhedged and currency-hedged. WisdomTree estimates that nearly $100 billion of this year’s $271 billion[1] in ETF industry inflows cascaded into these funds through the end… Read More »

M&G increased its position in Italy. The strategy for 2016


M&G investments increased the partnership with Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo PB. Fideuram and Sanpaolo Invest will distribute M&G’s funds to their clients. Astolfi: “In this market environment, multi-asset funds can be good solutions” M&G Investments announced a new agreement to increase the parthership with Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking.… Read More »

Impact of unconventional monetary policies on fundamental Equity Long/Short funds


In fundamental equity investing, company-specific, industry and economic factors are analyzed to determine the true current value of a stock Every investor applies his own approach, with the investment philosophy varying by sector, geography and style perspective. On one hand, micro level considerations in the research process relate to company-specific… Read More »

A view from the Bond Market

Chris Iggo -

Equities have outperformed bonds this year. For bonds it has been the second or third worst performance year over the last decade. Part of that has been pay-back after a very strong year in 2014 which saw yields and credit spreads fall to very low levels. Part is also a… Read More »

Bond markets, are there still interesting opportunities?


According to Carpaneda of M&G, the favoured areas include floating rate notes from corporate issuers, as these assets provide protection against rising yields Currently, the market environment is characterised by low investments, changes to the growth models in Emerging Markets and political uncertainties in Europe, with central banks being forced… Read More »