Bitcoin: trade the fork out of it


Swissquote remains bullish on Bitcoin, and we target $2500 for one bitcoin in the short-run. The company considers a Bitcoin split into two currencies as unlikely. Bitcoin faces a big day on Tuesday, the 1st of August. Due to some technical complications, the digital currency’s computer-code will on that date be… Read More »

Rates should be higher


Investors need to seriously think about what will happen with monetary policy over the next couple of years. The final level of interest rates may not be that high compared to the past but at least one economic model suggests that they should be considerably higher than they are today.… Read More »

H2: be careful on bond markets


Central bank and government actions will come under increasing scrutiny in the second half of the year as fixed income investors look for further signs that the long era of ultra-accommodative monetary policy is coming to an end. Anticipation that the European Central Bank (ECB) will begin its path to… Read More »

Equity markets keep running despite rates increases


Many equity markets have already seen double-digit returns this year whilst volatility, both implied and realised, has declined to very low levels in all asset classes bar commodities. One expected trend that has not emerged is US fiscal stimulus as optimism about Trump’s policies diminishes. Equity markets, however, keep grinding… Read More »

Your Emerging Markets Bonds Allocation May Now Be “Junk”

VanEck -

Investors are once again focusing on emerging markets credit risk given the recent high-profile ratings downgrades of China, Brazil, and South Africa. T he overall credit quality of the hard currency emerging markets debt market has declined significantly since 2013. More than 51% of the J.P. Morgan EMBI Global Diversified… Read More »

How to protect portfolios against yields rising


Although the situation in the bond market has become clearer, with the reduced political risk in Europe and the US Federal Reserve’s relative openness about its intentions, investors should not ignore interest-rate risk, because bond yields are still extremely low, particularly in Europe. In the circumstances, active management is vital… Read More »

eToro launches Crypto CopyFund


eToro, the global trading and investing social network, is today announcing the launch of its Crypto CopyFund, which offers investors exposure to six of the most popular cryptocurrencies currently available. This comes as eToro sees demand for cryptocurrency trading grow four-fold in just 12 months, as the global market cap… Read More »

Bond Connect: new progress on liberalization


In the past two years, with the launch of “Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect” and “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect”, Hong Kong has become the hub to connect the mainland market and the global market. With the launch of Bond Connect, the scheme attracts southbound capital from the mainland on one hand… Read More »

Are eurozone equities still an attractive play?


Since the beginning of the year, soft data have been particularly strong, with PMIs and confidence surveys hittin a 6-year high. For the past 10 years, Europe has not been popular among global equity investors. The European debt debacle and the bail-out of Greece in 2010 contributed to the long-standing… Read More »

Tensions between the USA, Russia, and China: markets remain complacent

Mati Greenspan -

With all the talk about North Korea in the media over the last few days, it’s very strange that the markets remain complacent. Usually, if there is a factor of risk, tensions between the USA, Russia, and China, or the like, we should see some type of flight to safe… Read More »