Asian debt offers stability in a volatile world


Asia is more stable compared to other regions because of a combination of factors. First, it has the highest average credit rating in emerging markets (EMs). Second, some of the region’s countries, such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea, are highly developed. Third, Asia has less political instability than other… Read More »

eToro launches Crypto-currency CopyFund as market hits $100bn


eToro, the global trading and investing social network, announces the launch of a new cryptocurrencies investment CopyFund. The launch comes as the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies hits $100bn and as eToro sees the number of users trading cryptocurrencies grow four-fold in just 12 months.eToro CopyFunds enable you to… Read More »

Eurozone Banks: Heading For A Tame Taper, Or A “Taper Tantrum

S&P Global Ratings -

As the eurozone economy recovers, the hotly debated trillion-euro question is: When will the European Central Bank start to tighten its monetary policy? Many market participants are impatiently waiting for the bank’s June meeting in Tallinn for signs. Meanwhile, the market is hearing dissenting notes from some bank officials about… Read More »

Boring, expensive and reliable


Bond yields have failed to rise in line with expectations. Taking a long-term view it’s not hard to see why. To get the sort of bond yields that many commentators think we should have requires global nominal growth to reverse its long-term trend and move significantly higher. Quantitative easing has… Read More »

Equities weighting increased to overweight


Columbia Threadneedle has recently increased its equity rating to favour from neutral on the back of lower political risk and positive earnings developments. Since last summer we have had a neutral stance towards equities, though within that we have favoured Japan, Asia and Europe, and since March this year have been… Read More »

Calm in the Emerging Markets


After years of capital flight, deteriorating economic policy conditions and high political risk, all is now relatively quiet in the emerging markets. President Trump’s protectionist ambitions seemed to throw a spanner in the works for a while, but this risk has largely disappeared as well. Since the beginning of the… Read More »

Political risk drives precious metal inflows


Precious metals inflows (US$126mn) continue for a second week on rising political uncertainty Precious metals inflows (US$126mn) continue for a second week on rising political uncertainty. Gold (US$50mn) and Silver (US$73mn) ETPs had another strong week of inflows. The main catalyst has been the increasing political tension in the US,… Read More »

Bargain-hunting continues among ETP investors

Morgane Delledonne -

Silver prices are attractive relative to gold, both have seen inflows of US$130m Crude oil ETPs saw US$128mn inflows representing 7% of crude assets under management, as investors see buying opportunities in recent price weakness. US crude inventories sharply declined (5.2mn barrels) last week, resulting in a 3% rebound of… Read More »