Japan: 5 Reasons to Be Optimistic Despite the Demographics


For many analysts, it’s difficult to be positive about Japan over the long-term given its demographic headwind. The old-age dependency ratio may rise by 70% by 2050. The government has forecast that the population may halve within 70 years. Although the population is only falling 0.3% per year so far,… Read More »

The Consumer-Led Upswing In The Eurozone Is Resisting Routs Abroad


The latest economic indicators confirm that the eurozone’s upswing, although not spectacular, remains on track, thanks to resilient consumer demand and intra-European exports. The latest indicators are converging to suggest that the pickup in the eurozone economy gathered momentum at the end of 2015, Standard & Poor’s said in the… Read More »

eCommerce, the attraction for Made in Swiss products


According to the latest Netcomm Suisse and ContactLab Observatory there are about 30 million consumers who are potentially interested in buying Swiss products. Now, The companies must think with a broader mind-set Even in eCommerce there is a “CH factor”, a strong interest from customers living outside the Swiss borders,… Read More »

The ABC of Latin American debt: Colombia

Claudia Calich -

Colombia: At risk of a rating downgrade to BBB- During my recent trip to Latin America it was funny (but not surprising) to hear the locals worrying about Colombia becoming the next Brazil. In turn, Brazilians are worried about becoming Argentina (though I believe the Argentinean problems are much more… Read More »

The ABC of Latin American debt: Brazil


Brazil currently finds itself caught in a destructive trap between politics and economics. On the political front, it is impossible to trade the daily noise and headline risk. The possible impeachment (45% probability as a guesstimate) of Rouseff would still be subject to various steps and legal challenges and could… Read More »

The ABC of Latin American debt: Argentina


It is crystal clear what the country’s challenges are and what needs to be done. What is less clear is how gradual Scioli will be in addressing these challenges and how long his honeymoon with the markets will last I expect the markets to allow him between 3 and 6… Read More »

More reassuring statistics in China


  The Chinese statistics released this morning are such as to reassure us about the Chinese economy. If our analysis of the Chinese economy brings us for quite some time to anticipate a gradual slowdown in growth, due to the transition towards a growth model more related to consumption than… Read More »

Pro-growth Japan–One Team, One Dream


WisdomTree Europe expects added Bank of Japan (BOJ) action With the BOJ policy board meeting last week (Oct 7) leaving monetary policy unchanged, a move at the next meeting, on October 30, is likely. That’s because the key in Japan is coordination of policy, with both monetary and fiscal policy… Read More »

Putting China’s Devaluation into Context?

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Over the last six weeks, financial markets have continued to grapple with the current and future implications of the one-day devaluation of the Chinese yuan While market participants failed to see this move coming, it is important to put this shift in policy into context and attempt to understand what… Read More »