Iran: huge potential in the world’s final major frontier


The West’s historic agreement to end the sanctions programme against Iran is poised to provide a huge boost to the Iranian economy The Tehran Stock Exchange, established in 1967, has 316 constituents – with a US$26bn free-float on a total $103bn market cap . Without any foreign participation, the market… Read More »

The Implications of Iran’s Normalization

Elliot Hentov -

The reintegration of Iran into the world economy will impact financial and product markets. The effects will be gradual and fraught with uncertainty, but the experience of other countries emerging from sanctions suggests a rapid and lasting increase in economic activity Iran’s Economic Potential Is Equal to a G-20 EconomyNearly… Read More »

Panic selling on the Chinese market


Has China ever had a leader as powerful as Xi Jinping? Many think not. Not only does the “Red Emperor” have power, but he is also shouldering the massive burden of completing certain major projects: transforming the Chinese economic model and managing the structural weakening of the country’s growth potential,… Read More »

Is China a Market in a Bubble?


The spectacular rise of the local Shanghai equity market — collectively known as the A-shares China market — and its dramatic 30% fall in three weeks has many observers painting the broad Chinese equity market as a stereotypical bubble There were many stocks with extreme valuations, a large rush of… Read More »

Rebalancing in Asian emerging markets


Slowing global trade growth is forcing emerging economies to rethink their growth model EM countries, particularly those that are reliant on export-led growth models, are being forced to adjust to weak external demand, low commodity prices and a rebalancing China. As a result, EM exports have been very weak over… Read More »

China: Politics looking after markets

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China’s stock markets have come down between 12% (Hang Seng Index) and 25% (Shanghai SE A Share Index,Shenzhen SE B Share Index) from their recent highs The mainland CSI 300 Index has fallen 15%* over the last two weeks. Even so, this simply takes markets back to their April levels,… Read More »

China: one of the top investors in Europe


Chinese takeovers and direct investments are increasing drastically in Europe In the last year they reached a new record mark (with a volume of around 14 billion Euros). Nearly on a weekly basis new investment projects are being announced. There are many factors that indicate this trend will continue. China… Read More »

Carmignac, out to conquer the Swiss market


After 12 years distributing its actively managed Funds in Switzerland, Carmignac announces the opening of its subsidiary in Zurich. Saint-Georges: “Switzerland is an important financial center with great potential” Carmignac furthers its European expansion by opening an office in Zurich. After 12 years distributing its actively managed Funds in Switzerland,… Read More »

Germany – A High-Beta Play on the Euro


In April, Morgan Stanley upgraded the 2015 German growth forecasts from 1.1% to 2.1%. Since then, MS had a few disappointments, which suggest that they might have become a bit too optimistic In April we upgraded our 2015 GDP growth estimate aggressively from 1.1%Y to 2.1%Y on the back of… Read More »