Energy equities starting to look interesting


Energy sector valuations have already priced in a more bearish outlook for oil despite some supports in the nearterm Energy equities have lagged the recovery in oil pricesWhile oil prices corrected 13% in March and have since risen 8% to nearly their pre-correction levels, the interesting thing is that oil-related… Read More »

Short European equities ahead of French elections


Investors are positioning ahead of the European elections, reducing exposure to the European equities Gold ETPs recorded inflows for the second consecutive week as prices head closer to US$1,300/oz. Following the launch of 59 tomahawks on Syria, markets have been holding their breath, watching officials’ reactions in the US and… Read More »

Small is Beautiful


U.S. smaller companies have endured seven lean years, but are they poised for a comeback? The influential German economist E.F. Schumacher coined the phrase “small is beautiful” back in 1973 in his best-selling book about the relation between mankind and technology. A protégé of John Maynard Keynes, Schumacher explored the… Read More »

Snapchat, don’t follow the trend but look at dividends

Viktor Nossek -

The IT sector is interesting because technology continues to go beyond expectations. The tech sector have been doing phenomenally well, markedly outperforming the broad equity market. Technology, when it reaches its maturity, becomes a great sector to own in any dividend strategy. Technology is also operating in a very regulated… Read More »

European equities – Buy before the squeeze


Global investors have refrained from investing in Europe for some time now. Over the past three years, a gap of almost 30% has opened up between the European market and the US. This factor is attributable to the positive investor-appeal of the US over the past few years, exacerbated by… Read More »

Investors taking advantage of recent oil price weakness


Oil ETP inflows of US$73mn last week represented the 5th consecutive week of inflows which total US$140mn, representing 9% of assets under management Oil ETP inflows of US$73mn last week represented the 5th consecutive week of inflows which total US$140mn, representing 9% of assets under management. Investors have seen the… Read More »

The rally of small and midcap stocks


GAM is very optimistic on the prospects of small and midcap stocks for 2017. Over the past five years, annualised returns in the sector have been close to 18%, as measured by the MSCI Europe Small Cap ND index (31/12/2011 to 31/12/2016). This year has started well and we do… Read More »

Why US stock market pull back is justified

Toby Nangle, Maya Bhandari -

Global equity markets are near all-time highs, bond markets are relatively calm, and currency volatility is reasonably low. This benign state is being fuelled, at least in part, by optimism about the US economy coupled with reduced fears of an ongoing swing towards populism in Europe. The rejection of Geert… Read More »

Is now the time for convertible bonds?


On March 15th, the Fed came out with a second interest rate hike in three months and reiterated that further increases should be expected this year. While this is more an imminent issue for US investors, European credit markets are not immune. Last December’s hike gave strong evidence of how… Read More »